Announcing the release of Barman v2.4

Posted on 2018-05-27 by 2ndQuadrant, an EDB Company
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Oxford, United Kingdom — May 27, 2018

2ndQuadrant is proud to announce the release of Barman version 2.4. Barman (Backup and Recovery Manager) is an open-source administration tool for managing backup and disaster recovery of PostgreSQL servers. It allows you to perform remote backups of multiple servers in business critical environments and helps DBAs during the recovery phase.

Barman 2.4 presents new features including:

  • Add standard and retry hook scripts for backup deletion (pre/post)
  • Add standard and retry hook scripts for recovery (pre/post)
  • Add standard and retry hook scripts for WAL deletion (pre/post)
  • Add --standby-mode option to barman recover to set standby_mode = on in the pre-generated recovery.conf
  • Add --target-action option to barman recover, allowing users to specify shutdown, pause or promote actions in the pre-generated recovery.conf file
  • Improve usability of point-in-time recovery with consistency checks (e.g., recovery time is after end time of backup)

The most important bug fixes included in this release are:

  • Fix remote get_file_content method, preventing incremental recovery from happening
  • Unicode issues with command
  • Add --wal-method=none when pg_basebackup >= 10

With this release Barman has dropped support for Python 3.3.

A complete list of changes is available here.

Download and installation instructions are available here.

Barman is developed and maintained by 2ndQuadrant and distributed under GPL v3.

For more information, please email