Announcing the Release of Barman v2.10

Posted on 2019-12-05 by 2ndQuadrant, an EDB Company
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Oxford, United Kingdom - December 5, 2019

2ndQuadrant today announced the release of Barman version 2.10.

Barman (Backup and Recovery Manager) is an open source administration tool for managing backup and disaster recovery of PostgreSQL servers. It allows you to perform remote backups of multiple servers in business-critical environments and helps DBAs during the recovery phase.

This release introduces verification of the PostgreSQL instance’s system identifier in the check command to prevent users from executing commands in Barman in case there are any inconsistencies between the situation on the disk and the live information coming from the PostgreSQL connection(s). Barman will prevent users from taking a backup or archiving a WAL file on an existing folder that contains data from another instance with a different identifier.

Barman 2.10 automates recovery of .partial WAL files coming from streaming replication, making RPO=0 easier to achieve, with barman-wal-restore (in barman-cli package) and get-wal commands.

A new server/global option called create_slot controls automated creation of the replication slot, where required (streaming_archiver must be enabled, and slot_name defined). If set to auto, Barman automatically creates the slot_name replication slot in PostgreSQL. By default, this option is set to manual for back-compatibility.

Barman 2.10 brings two new utilities to the barman-cli package:

  • barman-cloud-wal-archive- a script to be used as archive_command in PostgreSQL to directly ship WAL files to AWS S3 for permanent storage in the cloud.
  • barman-cloud-backup- a script to be used to perform full base backups from the PostgreSQL server in tar format and to ship them directly to AWS S3 for permanent storage in the cloud.

Both utilities rely on the boto3 Python library. The equivalent restore commands to these will be added in a future release. Until then, restoration is manual - for example, you can make use of the AWS client to retrieve files from S3 buckets.

The barman-cli package, which contains "Barman Client Utilities", is recommended on those servers where PostgreSQL instances are running.

Minor bugs have also been fixed.

We strongly recommend upgrading to Barman v2.10 at the earliest opportunity available.

A complete list of changes and bug fixes is available here.

Download and installation instructions are available here.

Source files are available for download here.

Barman is developed and maintained by 2ndQuadrant and distributed under GPL v3.

For more information, please send an email to