Announcing the release of Apache AGE(incubating) 1.0.0

Posted on 2022-04-30 by Advanced Graph Enterprise Database Inc.
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Apache AGE Team has released version 1.0.0 of Apache AGE(incubating)

Apache AGE(incubating) is a PostgreSQL extension that provides graph database functionality.

AGE is an acronym for A Graph Extension, and is inspired by Bitnine's fork of PostgreSQL 10, AgensGraph, which is a multi-model database. The goal of the project is to create single storage that can handle both relational and graph model data so that users can use standard ANSI SQL along with openCypher, the Graph query language.

Release Notes For v1.0.0

This release adds the following enhancements and functionality:

  • Add an upgrading SQL script file from 0.5.0 to 0.6.0
  • Add upgrading file age--0.6.0--0.7.0.sql
  • Refactor function get_agtype_value_object_value
  • Age load issue (issue #188)
  • Refactor agtype_access_operator
  • Bugfix - Remove INLINE from function declaration
  • Rebase VLE code
  • Implement Merge Clause
  • Bugfix: chained union logic
  • Allow a path of one vertex
  • Created functions for load graph from CSV files
  • Add UNION into EXPLAIN grammar rule
  • Implement UNWIND clause(issue #173)
  • Bugfix:(nodejs) Corrects parsing for independence value(issue #177)
  • Feat: Implement OPTIONAL MATCH (issue #175)

Please see the repository for details :

Please feel free to use and send us an inquiry/idea about our project to Eya (Apache AGE's active Committer)

Github Issues :