Announcing the release of Apache AGE 1.1.0

Posted on 2022-09-05 by Advanced Graph Enterprise Database Inc.
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Apache AGE Team has released version 1.1.0 of Apache AGE

Apache AGE is a PostgreSQL extension that provides graph database functionality.

AGE (A Graph Extension) is inspired by AgensGraph, a multi-model database Bitnine built from PostgreSQL 10. The goal of the project is to apply graph processing and analytics to relational databases, enabling both the ANSI-SQL and openCypher.

Release Notes For v1.1.0

Following changes are made this release:

  • Support for Agtype containment ops and GIN Indices.
  • Add CALL [YIELD] grammar rules for the implementation of CALL procedures.
  • VLE path variable integration performance patch.
  • Improve WHERE clause performance and support index scans.
  • Allow global graph contexts to see currentCommandIds.
  • Cache Agtype and GRAPHID OIDs.
  • Allow lists and maps to be used in the SET clause.
  • Fix bug in aggregate function collect().
  • Fix Bug in WHERE clause and property constraints.
  • Fix VLE local cache bug (crash).
  • Fix bug where integers were not being serialized correctly when stored in GIN indices.
  • Fix the VLE peek_stack_head routine to return a NULL if the stack is NULL.
  • Fix MERGE visibility in chained commands, SET specifically.
  • Fix github issue #212 - Add access operator (->, ->>) to Agtype.
  • Fix github issue #220 - fix local cached contexts for static procedures.
  • Fix github issue #224 - fix regression tests to fix issues on mac with trigonometric functions.
  • Fix github issue #235 - when MERGE and SET were used together.
  • Fix github issue #240 - negative array bounds.
  • Fix github issue #240 - negative array bounds - addendum.
  • Updated README.

Please see the repository for details :

Please feel free to send us an inquiry/idea regarding our project to Eya (Chair of Apache AGE)

Github Issues :