Announcing the release of AgensGraph 2.5

Posted on 2022-01-26 by Bitnine Global
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The AgensGraph Development Team are pleased to announce the release of AgensGraph v2.5.

AgensGraph is a new generation multi-model graph database for the modern complex data environment. AgensGraph is a multi-model database, which supports the relational and graph data model at the same time that enables developers to integrate the legacy relational data model and the flexible graph data model in one database. AgensGraph supports ANSI-SQL and openCypher ( SQL queries and Cypher queries can be integrated into a single query in AgensGraph.

AgensGraph is based on the powerful PostgreSQL RDBMS, and is very robust, fully-featured and ready for enterprise use. AgensGraph is optimized for handling complex connected graph data and provides plenty of powerful database features essential to the enterprise database environment including ACID transactions, multi-version concurrency control, stored procedure, triggers, constraints, sophisticated monitoring and a flexible data model (JSON). Moreover, AgensGraph leverages the rich eco-systems of PostgreSQL and can be extended with many outstanding external modules, like PostGIS.

For more details please see the release notes.


Major Improvements in AgensGraph v2.5.


1. Performance

Partitioning, a unique feature of relational DB, can now be used in AgensGraph as well. 


1.1. Large-scale data processing

– With partitioning, large-scale data processing is improved

– Improved performance speed and the convenience of data management

– Hybrid query (Cypher+SQL) performance has been improved in relation to large data processing performance. 


1.2. Query Performance

– When querying and aggregating large amounts of data, the performance of the query has been improved by hash join using parallel processing  


2. Ease of Use

A stored procedure has been added. The stored procedure can package and store multiple queries into one logic. 


2.1. Convenience of Data Management

– The newly added stored procedure eliminates repetitive tasks, thus saving time 

– Convenience of expansion and maintenance has significantly improved


3. Algorithms

New graph algorithms are provided in a package. 


3.1. Latest Graph Algorithms

– A total of 7 advanced graph algorithms such as centrality, community detection, and similarity, etc are the core of graph analysis and shall be included in the package. 


4. High Availability

Information systems with high availability can operate normally for a long period of time without failure.


4.1. Agpool’s High Availability

Updated Agpool to improve high availability 

– Load Balancing: when multiple users execute a query at the same time, the query is distributed across multiple servers for processing 

– Auto Failover: when the master server fails, the slave server takes over instead 


The new version is immediately available for download.