Announcing the release of AgensGraph 2.1

Posted on 2019-01-07 by Bitnine Global
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The AgensGraph Development Team are pleased to announce the release of AgensGraph v2.1.

AgensGraph is a new generation multi-model graph database for PostgreSQL. AgensGraph offers the graph analysis environment for highly connected data in which users can write, edit, and execute SQL and Cypher query together at the same time. AgensGraph comes along with PostgreSQL compatibility and PostgreSQL Extensions. It is why AgensGraph can set PostgreSQL users free from the pains of data migration and enables easier development of graph-based applications than other graph databases.

AgensGraph v2.1 Community Edition is available under Apache 2.0 License, so please feel free to use and send us any inquiry/idea about our products to: or our Github

For more details please see the release notes.

Major Improvements and Bug Fixes:
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Cypher
    • Enhance shortest-path algorithm and minor features
  • Cypher Implemention
  • Make all built-in functions usable
  • Support "IN" for sub-queries
  • Usability
  • Improve Graph meta
    • Add a GUC on graphmeta which decide it works automatically or not
    • Add a function regather_graphmeta() which reset and gather graphmeta
  • Add help command in agens shell
    • Change the implementation of constants
      • Handle UNKNOWNOID constants properly (::jsonb and ::text)
      • Handle parameters AS-IS
    • Implement type casting
      • Implement pre-evaluating CypherTypeCast
      • Implement auto type casting on function call
      • Implement auto type casting on operators
      • jsonb to graphid -> numeric to graphid
    • Update comment about token precedence in gram.y
  • Bug Fixes
  • Please see the release notes for fix details

The new version is immediately available for download.