Announcing PGInstaller with PostGIS Support

Posted on 2018-07-10 by 2ndQuadrant, an EDB Company
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Oxford, United Kingdom — July 10, 2018

2ndQuadrant today released the new update to PGInstaller.

PGInstaller now includes support for the most popular spatial objects extension, PostGIS. It is available for PostgreSQL versions 9.5, 9.6 & 10.

PGInstaller provides a standalone, user-friendly installation for PostgreSQL based on a GUI for Windows, OSX and Linux. List of all supported platforms is available here.

PostGIS is a spatial database extension for PostgreSQL databases, adding support for geographic objects, allowing location queries to be run in SQL. It also adds functions, operators, and index enhancements that apply to these spatial types.

These additional functions, operators, index bindings and types augment the power of the core PostgreSQL DBMS; making it a fast, feature-rich, and robust spatial database management system.

PGInstaller is available for download here.

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