24th September 2020: PostgreSQL 13 Released!

Announcing PG Lightning Admin for PostgreSQL 8.x (beta)

Posted on 2005-01-17

Screen shots are available here:


A pre-release version is available for $15.99. The 30 day demo can be downloaded here:


Pre-release purchasers will also be able to particpate in the beta discussions via our web based forum.

This software is geared to DBAs and developers and includes such features as:

Function Version Control

Advanced Function Editor with code completion and param hinting and the ability to print ability to print result sets.

Export result sets to PDF,Excel,XML, Comma/Tab separated or as insert statements

Tabbed Enterprise Manager, each database opens in it's own tab (makes working on several copies a snap and eliminates the confusion of everything in a single

object tree).

MDI style application which is familiar to windows users.

MDI window task bar that filters based on the Enterprise Manager tab selection.

Will run on Windows 98 and up.

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