Announcing IvorySQL 3.2: New Oracle XML Function Compatibility and Upgrade to PostgreSQL 16.2

Posted on 2024-04-17 by Highgo Software
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Dear Community Members,

We are excited to introduce IvorySQL 3.2, a significant update that includes a brand new feature for Oracle XML function compatibility alongside an upgrade to PostgreSQL 16.2. This release strengthens our PostgreSQL-based database project with improved capabilities and compatibility.

What's New in IvorySQL 3.2:

  • New Oracle XML Function Compatibility: Introduces compatibility with a variety of Oracle XML functions, broadening our support for Oracle-based systems.
  • Upgraded to PostgreSQL 16.2: Updates the core database engine to PostgreSQL 16.2, incorporating the latest enhancements and bug fixes.

Fixed Issues:

  • Resolved a documentation build failure: Issue #645
  • Eliminated build warnings: Issue #649
  • Corrected a parameter issue with the to_date function: Issue #592
  • Fixed label issues in the create function syntax: Issue #624

For a detailed list of all the new features and fixes, please visit our release notes on IvorySQL GitHub Releases and the IvorySQL Release Page.

Acknowledgments and Contributions:

A huge thank you to all our users who contributed patches, reported bugs, and proposed new features. The names of all contributors to this release are listed in the release notes.

IvorySQL thrives on community contributions. We warmly welcome your ideas, feature requests, or patches. Please share your contributions on our GitHub page.

Useful Links:

We look forward to your feedback on IvorySQL 3.2 and your continued support in making IvorySQL even better.

Best regards,

The IvorySQL Development Team