Announcing General Availability of BigAnimal, EDB’s fully managed PostgreSQL database on Azure

Posted on 2021-11-15 by EDB
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EDB announces the General Availability (GA) of BigAnimal, a fully managed PostgreSQL database in the cloud.

What is BigAnimal?

BigAnimal runs in your Microsoft Azure account, provides compatibility with Oracle databases, and is operated and managed by EDB. You can deploy PostgreSQL or EDB Postgres Advanced Server and take advantage of many of our other enterprise tools. BigAnimal is now available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

What’s being offered?

For DBAs, we’ve designed BigAnimal for flexibility and resiliency. We’ve included native multi-zone availability to deploy BigAnimal anywhere, continuous backups and monitoring provide peace of mind, fine-grained configuration control along with superuser access, and the choice to work with pure PostgreSQL or extend the database with EDB’s Advanced Server enterprise capabilities.

Because BigAnimal is a cloud service, developers can rapidly provision the database without waiting for admins to set up servers or install additional software. We’ve provided developers full interface control via REST API and the CLI and the ability to connect to many popular software tools including Apache Superset, pgAdmin, and more. BigAnimal is also integrated with an extensive set of Microsoft Azure services, including core platform services, Azure Monitor, Azure Billing, and Azure Active Directory.

For enterprise admins, we placed an emphasis on security and visibility into user activity within the database. BigAnimal can connect to your enterprise identity manager for SSO federation via Azure Active Directory and, within the portal, admins can easily manage permissions and RBAC settings. We’ve also included an Activity Log for admins to search, filter, and view auditable actions and keep an close eye on how the database is being accessed and queried.

Sign up for a 30 day trial and try it out. You’ll get to use BigAnimal with zero subscription costs for a whole month, plus have access to our onboarding team and other PostgreSQL experts.

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BigAnimal product page

BigAnimal documentation

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