Announcing "common" YUM repository

Posted on 2020-04-07 by PostgreSQL PGDG RPM Repository
PostgreSQL Project

The community PostgreSQL YUM repository does not just include PostgreSQL packages, but also some extensions which depend on a specific PostgreSQL version (e.g. PostGIS.), packages in the PostgreSQL world which can be used against some (or all) PostgreSQL versions (e.g. pgAdmin4), and the supportive packages for those extensions (e.g. Proj, GeOS).

Until yesterday, all of these packages were contained inthe same directory for each OS / PostgreSQL combination. This increased both build time and the disk space required.

So, I decided to merge the “common” packages (packages like pgAdmin4 and GEOS as described above) into one single repository.

Yesterday I released new repo RPMs (42.0-9) which introduce 3 new common repositories:

  • pgdg-common : Includes all of the “common” RPMs. Enabled by default.
  • pgdg-common-testing : testing repo for the common RPMs. Disabled by default, and please do not use it in production.
  • pgdg-common-srpm-testing: SRPMs for the packages in the common testing repo.

I will add a pgdg-common-srpms repository later on.

What to do now?

  • If you are using the default repo file (without editing it), a yum/dnf update will automatically update the new repo configuration file. No additional action required. This applies to the majority of our user base.

  • If you have manually edited the repo file, installing the new repo RPM will not overwrite it . Instead, it will create a new file ending with .rpmnew. You will need to merge changes from that file to the .repo file.


  • What happens when I don’t update the repo file?

Existing installations will continue running, and you will still receive “non-common” updates, in particular updates to the main PostgreSQL packages. However, new installations will fail when they need the common packages.

  • Will you release a separate repo RPM for the common repo?

No. That will cause more issues.

  • Did you really have to do this change?

Yes, as explained above.

  • “Package foobar does not exist in the repos. Did you remove it?”

I moved them to the common repository. Please update the repo file as described above.

  • How can I get more support?

Please send an email to , or submit an issue in the community issue tracker: