Announcing: Citus 11.1 open source release

Posted on 2022-09-22 by Citus Data
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Shard your Postgres tables without blocking writes

New in the Citus 11.1 database, you can now distribute Postgres tables, split shards, and isolate tenants—without interruption, which means without blocking writes. Also included in 11.1 is PostgreSQL 15 beta 4 support, plus shard rebalancing in the background. Read Marco’s blog post for the full story. Or if you’re more interested in the code you can check out the Citus GitHub repo (feel free to give the project a star to show support :) ).

Citus is now 100% open source

In the last release (11.0), you gained the ability to query from any node, opening up Citus for many new use cases, and we also made Citus fully open source.

Where to find Release Notes & Release Party Livestreams

Release notes: Get all the nitty gritty details on the Citus 11.1 updates page.

Meet the team at the Citus 11.1 release party: The release party—including demos and Q&A—will be livestreamed on Sep 27, 2022 at 9am PDT | 12pm EDT | 6pm CEST with a replay available at the same link soon after.

Watch the Citus 11.0 release party: See demos of user management, non-blocking shard rebalancer, and query from any node in the recording of the Citus 11.0 release party.

About the Citus database extension

Citus is a distributed database built entirely as an open source extension for PostgreSQL. With Citus, you can create tables that are transparently distributed or replicated across a cluster of PostgreSQL nodes. Citus is available as open source and also as a managed service on Azure.