Announcing AGE, a multi-model graph database extension for PostgreSQL

Posted on 2020-07-08 by Bitnine Global
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AGE, a multi-model graph database extension for PostgreSQL has been announced. AGE is the successor to AgensGraph. AGE will offer the same integration of SQL and Cypher without users having to discard their existing solutions, allow for a cleaner integration of AGE with PostgreSQL’s robust collection of other extensions, and expand scalability without sacrificing performance.

AGE has been recently elected as an incubation podling project by the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). The project has been donated to ASF as an open-source initiative.

AGE v0.2.0 Release Notes:
  • Extend Agtype
    • Support for numeric, edge, and path types.

  • Type Casting
    • Casting to a numeric, float, vertex, edge, and path.
    • Addition of float constants (inf, -inf, NaN) to string input and output.
    • Casting to a vertex ‘::vertex’ from an agtype object.
    • Casting to an edge “::edge’ from an agtype object.
    • Casting to a path ‘::path’ from an agtype array.

  • Scalar Functions
    • Id, start_id, end_id, type,properties, head, last, length, size, startNode, endNode, timestamp, toBoolean, toFloat, toInteger, and coalesce.

  • Labels for Vertices/Edges
    • Newly created Edges can be assigned with a label.
    • Newly created Labels vertices do not require a label.

  • Improve Match Clause
    • Support Edges - Match clauses support paths.

  • Improve Create Clause
    • Supports vertices, edges, patterns, and edges and paths with or without variables.

  • Support Match Clause Before Create Clause
    • CREATE clause can use variables declared in any previous MATCH clause.

  • Support Return Clause After Create Clause
    • Variables assigned in any Clauses before the CREATE clause can be used in the RETURN clause.

The version is immediately available for download.