Ajqvue Version 3.5 Released

Posted on 2024-06-09 by Dandy Made Productions
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Ajqvue is a PDDA, Personal Database Desktop Application.

The application is a open source Java GUI built for users in accessing, plotting, and analyzing data in a PostgreSQL database. The application is built with an included plugin framework for adding functionality, quickly.

The Ajqvue project has released an updated version, v3.5, to the public. The release brings compliance with JRE 22 though the released JAR will accommodate JRE 1.8+. Support was added for JSON, JSONB, INT8RANGE, and XML Data Types. Testing was performed for compliance with PostgreSQL Server 15, 16 and JDBC 42.


  • Plugin Framework
  • Internationalization Support, 25 Languages
  • User Connection Preferences Saving/Managing
  • User Preferences Summary Table Column Selection, Sizing
  • User Preferences Summary Table Row Sizing
  • Simple and Advanced Table Sorting and Searching
  • Viewing, Adding, Editing, and Deleting All Table Fields
  • Update Multiple Rows of Selected Table Field
  • Support for Table Field Function Operations
  • Support for All Basic Data Types, Including Blob/Bytea/Binary
  • Data Type Checking During Adding or Updates
  • Printing of Summary Table Data, Screen View
  • Export CSV Summary or Complete Table Data
  • Export SQL Summary or Complete Table Structure/Data
  • Export PDF Summary Table
  • Export SQL Current Open Database/Scheme
  • Import SQL Statement File
  • Import CSV Data File Into Selected Database Table, Insert/Update
  • Query Bucket for Storing/Organizing SQL Statements
  • Query Frame for Building Complex SQL Statements
  • Search Frame for Generic LIKE Queries on All Tables in Database
  • In Memory Data Analysis Capability

Included Plugins:

  • Table Field Profiler - Field Analysis
  • Data Charts and Heatmapper - Plotting
  • Query Builder - Graphical Query Constructor

Ajqvue does not include a quandary of libraries and users are free to manage, remove, plugins via the Plugin Manager.

Dana M. Proctor
Ajqvue Project Manager