Ajqvue Version 3.3 Released

Posted on 2020-11-06 by Dandy Made Productions
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The Ajqvue project is pleased to release v3.3 to the public. The
release brings updates to the included File/Memory database
libraries. Modifications to image saves for sizing. Added was
support for PostgreSQL 13 along with data types money,
smallserial, macaddr8, line, and uuid. Precision is now supported
for time and timestamp types for those databases that support it.

Convert database queries to a local file/memory H2, HSQL, Derby
or SQLite database with the DB To File/Memory DB plugin.
Github DB To File/Memory DB Plugin

Dana M. Proctor
Ajqvue Project Manager

Ajqvue Website
Ajqvue Github

Ajqvue is an open source Java GUI build for users in accessing,
plotting, and analyzing data in several mainstream databases.
The application is built with a included plugin framework for
adding functionality, quickly.