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Continuent Joins Intel® Certified Solutions Program

Posted on 2008-08-20

Continuent Joins Intel® Certified Solutions Program

San Jose, CA – August 20, 2008 – Continuent, Inc., a leading provider of commercial open source middleware solutions for database replication and scale-out, today announced it has been selected to join the Intel® Certified Solutions Program. The Intel Certified Solutions Program tests solutions against pre-defined quality standards for software security, interoperability, maintainability and hardware certification. Certified solutions are awarded the “Intel Certified Powered by SpikeSource” logo. This will provide validation for channel partners and end customers that Continuent ScaleOut is secure, interoperable, and enabled on Intel platforms. Continuent ScaleOut will be available on the Intel® Business Exchange, an online technology marketplace.

Continuent ScaleOut powers up-to-date, consistent and live database copies. It protects against failures of a single database or entire site, allows online maintenance and zero-downtime upgrades, and increases database performance by scaling over multiple hosts. Continuent ScaleOut starts with a 2-node, hot stand-by solution, scaling up to WAN replication spanning over geographically dispersed data centers.

“The Intel Business Exchange will enable us to market and sell our products globally,“ said Eero Teerikorpi, CEO at Continuent. “We are proud to increase customer trust and confidence via the Intel Certified Solutions Program, a symbol of quality assurance.”

“The Intel Certified Solutions Program delivers immediate business value,” says J. Scott Harrison, Director Partner Programs Organization for Intel. “Program members can quickly take advantage of advanced Intel technologies and create more secure solutions without committing additional development resources, helping them achieve improved competitive advantage in the marketplace.”

For more information about Continuent and our products, visit www.continuent.com.

About Continuent

Continuent is the ScaleOut company. Our solutions provide continuous high availability and incremental performance scaling using commodity hardware and databases. We provide continuous uptime so you can deliver business critical database applications with high data availability and accessibility.

Continuent’s Tungsten stack provides a unique collection of technologies for database scale-out. The stack itself is open source. Tungsten is database-neutral and operating system independent, supporting both open source and commercial databases, including Oracle®, MySQL®, PostgreSQL and EnterpriseDB™.

The Tungsten stack is available at Continuent’s community site, www.continuent.com. We offer commercial support of the stack and a commercial version, Continuent ScaleOut, for making it a critical part of your business systems.

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