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Jitterbit 2.0 Released

Posted on 2008-08-18

Jitterbit 2.0's new features are designed to empower the business user, providing dramatic increases in flexibility and ease of use.

Jitterbit 2.0 enhancements include:

Integration Process Builder – Jitterbit 2.0 provides a revamped graphical UI that provides a new workflow process designer, making it easier for users to define, test, view and change their integrations. Users now have a complete drag-and-drop environment for designing their entire integration process from end to end.

Pipeline Customization - The ability to add customized logic at every step of the integration process including the creation of reusable scripts is now available in Jitterbit 2.0. Pipeline customization eliminates redundant activities in complex integrations, decreasing processing times and adding a new level of flexibility to Jitterbit integration operations.

Parallel Processing – Jitterbit 2.0 introduces parallel processing, allowing large amounts of data to be processed simultaneously in chunks or transactions. Jitterbit can now move more data in a shorter amount of time, and with its Smart Reconstruction technology, ensure that your data arrives securely and in the intended format.

Jitterbit runs PostgreSQL as its backend database. The complete package is available for immediate download for both Windows and Linux from http://www.jitterbit.com/download

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