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New Practical SQL training course

Posted on 2008-05-12

2ndQuadrant have developed a new course aimed at helping developers, testers and power users get to grips with the power of the SQL Language. There is a strong emphasis on finding solutions to problems and avoiding common mistakes - not just on learning the syntax.

Practical SQL teaches SQL in a fairly generic way, covering SQL-Standard ways of writing queries wherever possible. This will help you to apply that knowledge when using PostgreSQL and PostgreSQL-variant DBMS, as well as other enterprise RDBMS.

So, if you produce business solutions using existing databases rather than building new ones, this is the course for you. Additional courses are also available to explain PostgreSQL specific features, performance and server administration.

Two variants of the course are now available via public schedule, or for on-site delivery

* Practical SQL for Developers

* Practical SQL for Business Intelligence

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