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libpqtypes Initial Release

Posted on 2008-05-08

Using binary parameters and results is more efficient, but is currently cumbersome and requires the developer to understand the backend binary formats. libpqtypes abstracts the libpq user from the binary formats of data types, allowing them to simply put or get data in a printf/scanf style interface.

  • Full support for binary and text format (parameter and result)

  • Full support for composites, arrays and composite arrays. (binary format only)

  • printf style interface to libpq's binary parameterized API. PQputf

  • scanf style interface for getting values: PQgetvalue extension. PQgetf

  • Ability to register user-defined types, aliases and data type

sub-classes for use with printf style interfaces: ex. "%mytype". PQregisterTypeHandler

  • Per-thread global error message: PQgeterror, PQseterror.

  • Online docs as well as man pages.

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Andrew Chernow & Merlin Moncure

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