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FmPro Migrator 4.03 for MacOS X - New Graphical UI for FileMaker Migrations to PostgreSQL

Posted on 2008-04-14

FmPro Migrator 4.03 from .com Solutions Inc. ($100 - per user) is a stand-alone utility which converts FileMaker databases to MySQL, Oracle, Access, SQL Server, Sybase, DB2, OpenBase, PostgreSQL and FrontBase. SQL Server and Access databases can also be converted to FileMaker 7, 8, 9.

FmPro Migrator 4.03 is a major product upgrade, including the following enhancements compared to FmPro Migrator 3.75:

1) Re-designed migration process, providing a new graphical interface for all aspects of the migration. It is no longer necessary to have Perl installed on your computer or to run migration scripts or SQL scripts on the command line to perform database migrations. Results from the Get Fieldsize migration step are automatically used to generate the Table Creation SQL code, which no longer requires manually editing the SQL code with column size info.

2) Developer Edition Feature - Implemented an entirely new graphical migration process for FileMaker Table Consolidation projects, which now includes copying Tables/Fields, Table Occurrences, Relationships, Layouts and ScriptMaker scripts. A remapping feature remaps Table Occurrences within Layouts and ScriptMaker scripts when they are re-created in the consolidated database file. Layout text can also be changed with a search and replace feature when the layouts are re-created.

3) Added support for migrating repeating fields within FileMaker 7, 8, 9 databases using auto-generated ScriptMaker data transformation scripts. This feature overcomes the lack of repeating fields support within new versions of the FileMaker ODBC driver. Repeating fields data can now be transferred to SQL databases and used with the new External SQL Sources feature incorporated within FileMaker 9.

4) Added a new graphical container field export feature, supporting the 22 container field data types available within FileMaker 7, 8, 9 database files. These 22 container field data types include: EMBO, EMF+, EPS, FILE, FPix, FORK, GIFf, JPEG, JP2, META, METO, moov, PDF, PICT, PNGf, PNTG, qtif.SGI, snd, TIFF, TPIC, XMLO, 8BPS.

5) Added support for writing FileMaker container field data into PostgreSQL BYTEA columns.

6) Added support for migrating to OpenBase databases, including the transfer of FileMaker container field data into OpenBase OBJECT columns.

Existing FmPro Migrator customers may upgrade to FmPro Migrator 4.03 at no charge. The single-user licensing includes a copy of FmPro Migrator for both Mac OS X (Universal Binary) and Windows platforms. FmPro Migrator customers may upgrade to FmPro Migrator Developer Edition for $100.

A functional demo version of FmPro Migrator may be downloaded from http://www.fmpromigrator.com/downloads/demo_software/index.html#fmpro_migrator_demo

For more info please see: http://www.fmpromigrator.com/products/fmpro_migrator

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