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phpPgAdmin 4.2 Released

Posted on 2008-04-06

phpPgAdmin 4.2 Released

April 5th, 2008

The phpPgAdmin Team is proud to announce a new major release of

phpPgAdmin. Version 4.2 adds many new features, bug fixes and

updated translations over the previous version, and includes support for

PostgreSQL 8.3.


To download right now, visit:


(RPMs available soon)


To give the fully-functional demo a try, visit:


New Features

* Add Analyze to Table Level Actions (ioguix)

* Add support for multiple actions on main pages (ioguix, Robert Treat)

* Added favicon for Mozilla and a backwards compatible version for IE.

* Allow browsers to save different usernames and passwords for different


* Pagination selection available for reports

* You can configure reports db, schema and table names

* Add support for creating a table using an exsting one (ioguix)

* Auto-expand a node in the tree browser if there are no other nodes (Tomasz


* Add column about fields constraints type + links in table properties page


* Support for built-in Full Text Search (Ivan Zolotukhin)

* Add alter name, owner & comment on views (ioguix)

* Add column about called procedure + links to their definition in the


properties page (ioguix)

* Add Support for Enum type creation (ioguix,xzilla)

* Add alter name, owner, comment and properties for sequences (ioguix)

* Add function costing options (xzilla)

* Add alter owner & schema on function (xzilla)

* Add a popup window for the session requests history (karl, ioguix)

* Add alter table, view, sequence schema (ioguix)


The phpPgAdmin Team

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