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Jitterbit 1.3 Released

Posted on 2007-11-20

Highlights include:

• Significant productivity gains and easier maintenance

• Overcome limitations of source and target system APIs with new schemes for handling larger volumes of data

• Native connectivity to LDAP/Active Directory as a source and target system

• New syntax within the formula builder makes handling complex integrations and data transformations easier than ever before

• Increased flexibility and scalability for large transactions

Technical improvements that made these value adds possible include:

XML Streaming and Chunking of data through multi-threaded processes improved performance of the Jitterbit server in handling larger volumes of transactions and data sets. XML Streaming allows the Jitterbit Server to generate and post XML without the need to load the entire XML structure into memory improving processing speeds of large data sets dramatically. That, combined with chunking, which divides data into optimal chucks for a target system to process has been very beneficial for users accessing application via web services e.g. Salesforce.com, Netsuite and SugarCRM.

Using requirements from organizations like NASA to enable non-development staff in IT to easily setup integrations with LDAP servers, including Active Directory, Jitterbit has released native LDAP Source and Target support within the graphical environment. Users who wish to get data from an LDAP server have a complete graphical environment to identify the LDAP classes they need and view its data just like any other supported Jitterbit system.

Jitterbit 1.3 has also made creating, updating and removing data from the LDAP server completely graphical. Provisioning network accounts, creating Exchange Mailboxes and assigning users to distribution lists using data from your HR or CRM system can be completely configured and monitored using Jitterbit’s graphical environment.

In order to support uploading large documents via HTTP to applications such as Microsoft Sharepoint, Jitterbit expanded its implementation of the HTTP protocol through the inclusion of File Uploads. This change has enabled users to apply Jitterbit to a variety of different applications and content management systems.

Jitterbit runs PostgreSQL as its backend database. The complete package is available for immediate download for both Windows and Linux from http://www.jitterbit.com/download

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