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MicroOLAP Database Designer for PostgreSQL ver.1.2.2 released

Posted on 2007-11-07

MicroOLAP Technologies company is glad to announce the version 1.2.2 of

the Database Designer for PostgreSQL.

Minimap Navigator functionality added. Several bugs are fixed. Some

PostgreSQL 8.3 version features added.

You are welcome to download it at http://microolap.com/products/database/postgresql-designer/download/

What's new:

[!] Minimap Navigator added

[+] UUID and XML base types introduced in PostgreSQL 8.3 are added

[+] Find Objects search option by extended mask (wildcards) added

[+] Checking of stored routines for language and result type matching added

[+] ANYENUM pseudo-type introduced in PostgreSQL 8.3 added

[*] View model object has now schema qualified caption

[*] Modify engine improved for renamed columns

[*] Model directory moved to My Documents since some users have no access to Program Files folder

[*] Find Objects now searches through function parameters, table constraints, rules, triggers and view rules

[*] Editors now use default system character set instead of ANSI.

[*] Ability to add more then one autoincrement column (serial, bigserial) added

[-] 'Scale combobox is not updated when switching between MDI windows' bug fixed

[-] "Trigger section of model file doesn't conform to XML standard" bug fixed

[-] "Pseudo types (trigger, record, cstring etc.) not parsed correctly by SQL Reverse Engineering" bug fixed

[-] "Invalid class typecast while doing Undo action" bug fixed

[-] "Double click on Check Result List item do nothing" bug fixed

[-] "Data was not saved after column name editing and pressing Alt+O to close Table Editor dialog" bug fixed

[-] "Can't change statements for rules of views" bug fixed

[-] "Can not delete column, as it's used in reference" bug fixed

[-] "Can not define column from foreign key as autoincemented (SERIAL)" bug fixed

[-] "Object Editor title doesn't change when object name was changed after Apply button is pressed" bug fixed

[-] "Some of the type aliases (boolean, serial4, serial8 etc.) not parsed correctly by SQL Reverse Engineering" bug


[-] "Duplicate schema in Schema Manager duplicates unique ID of the source schema" bug fixed

[-] "Access Violation when uncheck some tables in Merge Diagrams" bug fixed

[-] "Modify Database adds extra semicolon at the end of CHECK constraint statements" bug fixed

[-] "List index out of bounds(0) when script contains empty statements" bug fixed

[-] "A component named ... already exists" bug fixed

Product page:


Best regards,

MicroOLAP Technologies LTD


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