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Aqua Data Studio 6.5 released

Posted on 2007-10-15

AquaFold today announced the availability of Aqua Data Studio 6.5, which provides new database tools and functionality and bundled with a complete version control client for Subversion and CVS. New tools include Object Search tool, SQL History Archive, Server Script Generator and Data Results Compare tool. With the new release Aqua Data Studio also includes new and never-seen-before features for analyzing query results with Pivot Table and Pivot Chart functionality and Excel integration. Aqua Data Studio is available on the Windows, Linux, OSX, Solaris and FreeBSD Operating Systems.

Application Level Enhancements

  • New Source Control Support:

  • Complete Subversion Client

  • Complete CVS Client

  • New Key mapping Assistant

  • New Docking Framework and Multiple Windows

  • New Browser Details View

  • New Command Line execution for scripts

Query Analyzer

  • Results

  • Pivot Tables & Pivot Charts Functionality

  • Grid Charting functionality

  • New Grid and Aggregate Functions

  • Sybase Show Plan Support

  • Editor

  • Cross Database Autocompletion

  • Global Autocompletion Cache

  • Aqua Commands Enhancements

  • New Morph to delimited list


  • New SQL [History] Archive

  • New Server Script Generator

  • New Object Search Tool

  • Table Data Editor Enhancements

  • Compare Tools

  • New Results Compare Tool

  • Schema Compare Tool Enhancements

  • Directory Compare Tool Enhancements

  • File Compare Tool Enhancements

  • SQL Debugger for Sybase ASE

  • SQL Debugger for Oracle

DBA Tools

  • Numerous DBA Tools Enhancements

    • Over 200 new features ... see the detailed list below.

A complete list of features and descriptions may be found at ...

Aqua Data Studio is available for immediate download at ...

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