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PostgreSQL Maestro 7.9 released

Posted on 2007-09-20

SQL Maestro Group is announcing the release of PostgreSQL Maestro 7.9, a powerful Windows GUI solution for PostgreSQL administration and database development.


New version features:

  1. Backup database/schemas/tables/tool.

  2. Now it is possible to cancel a long-running query.

  3. The SQL Formatter for DML statements has been significantly improved.

  4. Database Designer: now you can drag a schema in the Explorer tree or Object Browser and drop it in the Designer window: all schema tables will be added to the current diagram.

  5. Data Import Wizard: the speed of loading of Excel files has been significantly increased.

6.BLOB Viewer: now it is possible to save all BLOBs from a table to a given directory.

  1. The hints for connected databases in the explorer tree now contain connection ID and database encoding.

There also some other features. Full press-release is available at SQL Maestro Group website.

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