17th September 2020: PostgreSQL 13 RC 1 Released!

Continuent delivers a GA version of uni/cluster Connector for PostgreSQL

Posted on 2007-08-31

The uni/cluster Connector makes database clustering deployments simpler and faster -- customers can focus on deploying the cluster and just switch client connections when they are ready to move.

Another great feature of the Connector is that standard database clients such as ‘psql’ can work directly with the cluster. So users preserve not only current client applications but also can continue to use familiar administrative tools as well.

Finally, the uni/cluster Connector is *fast* and consumes few system resources. It minimizes resource impact of deploying Continuent uni/cluster in new environments.

This version of uni/cluster Connector supports all API calls except for use of prepared statements. We are working on these now and expect to provide support in the next release. We are also working on some exciting new Connector features that customers will find useful for building highly scalable database clusters. We invite you to try the Connector and stay tuned for more developments!

Download Continuent uni/cluster for PostgreSQL and uni/cluster Connector for free evaluation at: http://www.continuent.com/software

Cheers, Robert

Robert Hodges, CTO, Continuent, Inc.

Email: robert.hodges@continuent.com

Mobile: +1-510-501-3728 Skype: hodgesrm

Summary of uni/cluster Connector benefits:

  • Complete single system image

  • Hides cluster structure from clients

  • 100% transparent DB interface

  • Applications talking to a local DB proxy

  • No changes to DB connectivity libraries or any other libraries

  • All interfaces supported (native client APIs, PHP, Perl, Java, C...)

  • Transparent failover

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