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PostgreSQL Data Wizard 7.8 released

Posted on 2007-08-29

SQL Maestro Group announce the release of PostgreSQL Data Wizard 7.8, a powerful Windows GUI solution for PostgreSQL data management.


New features:

  • ASP.NET Generator Wizard is implemented.

  • New Shell Application with Ribbon toolbar (like Office 2007) and more.

  • Unicode/UTF-8 support.

  • PHP Generator: now it is possible to create a lookup menu for a column using a custom value list (not only foreign keys).

  • Data Pump: now optimized for Microsoft.Jet engine.

  • Data Import: the speed of loading of Excel files was significantly increased.

  • All the wizards: a lot of minor improvements and corrections were made.

There are also versions for other DBMS: MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, etc. More information is available at the SQL Maestro Group website.

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