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EntitySpaces now has PostgreSQL Support

Posted on 2007-08-22

The EntitySpaces persistence layer and business object architecture for Microsoft .NET now fully supports PostgreSQL 8.2. Using PostgreSQL on .NET has never been easier.

The EntitySpaces 2007 v0819 (beta) for PostgreSQL successfully passes our massive NUnit test suite including both the stored procedure and dynamic SQL modes. There is a new template that will generate your stored procedures if you desire to use stored procedures with your EntitySpaces PostgreSQL implementation.

See the Release Notes for more information on setup issues. You'll need the Npgsql .NET provider for PostgreSQL and MyGeneration. See our Home Page, grab the latest Trial version, it has the PostgreSQL support.

From mobile devices to large scale enterprise solutions in need of serious transaction support, EntitySpaces can meet your needs. Whether you’re writing an ASP.NET application with medium trust requirements, or a Windows.Forms application, the EntitySpaces architecture is there for you. EntitySpaces is provider independent, which means that you can run the same binary code against any of the supported databases. EntitySpaces is available in both C# and VB.NET. EntitySpaces uses no reflection, no XML files, and sports a tiny foot print of less than 200k. Pound for pound, EntitySpaces is one tough, dependable .NET architecture.

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