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DreamCoder for PostgreSQL ver.1.4 released

Posted on 2007-08-16

Mentat Technologies are pleased to announce DreamCoder for PostgreSQL ver 1.4 - the new major version of the powerful PostgreSQL administration and development tool.

DreamCoder for PostgreSQL is a powerful Integrated Development Environment for PostgreSQL Databases.

DreamCoder for PostgreSQL works with all PostgreSQL Server versions from 8.0 to 8.2. DreamCoder for PostgreSQL enables you to easily build and execute queries, build and execute scripts, compile PL/pgSQL code, create and modify database objects, import and export data, enable user session and database monitor and more.

You can download DreamCoder for PostgreSQL at: http://www.mentattech.com/themes/mentat/download.html

You can learn more about DreamCoder for PostgreSQL at:


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