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pgDesigner 0.0.40 Released

Posted on 2007-05-27

Currently it is still in state of development, but it can be used calmly like base for the construction of database.


NEW: Adding translation in French of the witnesses and the messages, thanks to the contribution of the friend Henri Girard.

NEW: New additions inner classes (CDrag, CMouse, CErrorProce ShowError), respective for the inner control of the dragging, the position of the mouse, the management of the errors inner to the I/O procedures, the visualization of the system errors.

NEW: Modified logic of design of the relations between the tables, hour the relations come identified with: continuous line if the fields belong to the primary key of the table daughter, line to points if the relation has set up clause RESTRICT, line to point/line for all the other not identificative relations.

NEW: The windows of dialogue for the modification of the objects have been modified, with adding of a folder where it is possible to see in preview tightens it DDL constructed from the program on the base of the inserted parameters.

NEW: In the window of dialogue for the modification of the data of every object it has been added one new folder that it visualizes the relations father and son with the other objects of the plan.

NDA: Program compiled with version 1.9.49 of Gambas.

For the execution of the program it is necessary to install gambas2 package. Can download gambas from the official site http://gambas.sourceforge.net.

The documentation is available here:


Last version of pgDesigner is available here:


For the customers of Italian language the forum is also available on http://www.ldrweb.net.

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