24th September 2020: PostgreSQL 13 Released!

MicroOLAP Database Designer for PostgreSQL ver.1.2.0 BETA 1 released

Posted on 2007-02-03

What's new:

[+] SP editor: "table editor"-like parameters separate tab

[+] User Defined Types support

[+] Create Object commands into diagram context menu added

[+] "Create rules" option for view generation added

[*] Added confirmation about closing editors if some changes were made

[*] Diagram objects name uniqueness check improved

[*] Objects selection improved in Database Generation dialogue

[-] Some reference names are shown when "Show Reference Names option not checked"

[-] "Generate Database" options not restored on new session" bug fixed

[-] "Reference Editor doesn't update constraint columns on change

Parents Constraint" bug fixed

[-] "Properties (Alt+Enter)" item is disabled in popup menu for Object Tree View schema node

[-] Comments are not included on domain generation

[-] Constraint Manager doesn't save Expression values

[-] Constraint Manager does nothing when press Apply button

[-] Constraint Manager allows field selecting for CHECK constraints

[-] Reference editor: Match type items mixed up in a wrong way

[-] Reference editor: Transaction check mode items mixed up in a wrong way

[-] "List index out of bounds (-1)" error while selecting

CONSTRAINT kind in a table editor.

[-] Misprinting in a hint for a Tablespace manager button

[-] CREATE RULE statement parsing fixed

[-] Wrong splitter position in empty editors

[-] Opening file from the Windows Explorer fails if PgMDD is already running

[-] Some confirmation settings were not saved after closing

[-] Redo for reference deletion fails

[-] Undo of reference creation fails

[-] View didn't parse table names in combined SELECT queries using UNION, INTERSECT, EXCEPT

[-] Default type for domain creation differs from diagram default type

[-] Errors in partial SQL generation

[-] Object Tree View not updated after schema added

[-] Can't disable objects generation using Create checkboxes


[-] Parser crashes when some line in SQL longer then 2048 chars

[-] Reverse Engineering for functions on 7.3 servers fails

Product page:


Download page:


If the program is already installed on your PC, you may replace old .EXE file with the new one (just copy old .EXE somewhere to rollback later if



Please note, that since it is a BETA version you should backup your projects created with old versions.


Projects created in this new version are incompatible with old versions of the program.

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