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PostgreSQL Maestro 6.12 released

Posted on 2006-12-06

PostgreSQL 8.2 management extensions.

  1. Now it is possible to specify fill factor when creating/editing tables and indexes.

  2. Support of CONNECT privilege for databases and USAGE privilege for sequences is added. For setting sequence-specific permissions the GRANT ON SEQUENCE syntax is used instead of GRANT ON TABLE one.

  3. Now it is possible to empty a table together with all foreign-key referencing tables.

  4. Now it is possible to create a domain based on another one.

  5. Added support for comments on server-scope objects such as roles and tablespaces.

Other server management extensions:

  1. The Make primary key and Clear primary key commands are now accessible anywhere in the software (Table Editor, Explorer Tree, Object Browser, etc).

  2. Since this version PostgreSQL Maestro can display native type names such as int4 instead of SQL-standard ones (e.g. integer).

Interface improvements:

  1. SQL Formatter is done: you can beatify all the DML statements (SELECT, INSERT and UPDATE) in the SQL Editor. Also it is possible to format view definitions.

  2. The tabbed interface is implemented in addition to classic MDI. You can choose your favorite UI in the Options dialog.

  3. SQL Script Editor: if a user opens a file larger than 100K, PostgreSQL Maestro will suggest him to execute the script file without opening it in the editor. Of course it is also possible to execute any script file using

this way: just press the "Execute script from file" link on the Script Editor navigation bar and specify the filename.

  1. We have implemented the Data Analysis, a tool to represent your data as OLAP cubes

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  1. Data grid: the speed of data loading was significantly increased.

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