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pgAdmin III v1.6.0 Released

Posted on 2006-11-16

I'm pleased to announce the release of pgAdmin 1.6.0, the Open Source graphical PostgreSQL administration tool for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X and Solaris, now available for download in source and a variety of binary formats from:


v1.6.0 represents over a year of development and testing to bring you a host of new features and improvements including:

  • PostgreSQL 8.2 support:

  • Concurrent index builds.

  • Privilege changes (database CONNECT, and sequence USAGE).

  • Use E'' style escape string syntax when required.

  • Shared database comments.

  • Overhaul of server config settings.

  • Allow database and schema display to be restricted.

  • Configurable indents in the SQL editor.

  • Support for language templates.

  • Add -a and -q command line options to auto connect to a server and open a query window respectively.

  • Allow result copy quoting configuration to be set explicitly rather than using the result export settings.

  • Allow set returning functions to be created.

  • Display the client start time on the status dialogue with PostgreSQL 8.1+

  • Add a password file editor.

  • Prevent deletion of the blank item in config editors, and ensure undo will only work on the appropriate line.

  • Allow the number of rows shown in the Edit Grid to be limited and add a 'View top 100 rows' option to the table/view context menus.

  • Add autocompletion to the Query Tool, based on the logic used by psql. - Triggered with Control+Space, and optionally the Tab key as well.

  • Allow selection and copy of subsets of the columns and rows in the Edit Grid.

  • Add a 'Favourites' query organiser to the Query Tool.

  • Display column dependencies.

  • Minimal linking for pgAgent under *nix.

  • Reject invalid command line options in pgAgent.

  • Allow the admin modules to be built with PGXS if required.

  • Enhance the query tool to allow copy/paste of arbitrary groups of columns, rows or individual cells.

  • Allow the tab character to be used as the clipboard column separator to allow pasting of query results straight into apps like Excel, or OOo Calc.

  • Use virtual data table for Query Tool, to eliminate retrieval time.

  • Add CREATE/INSERT/UPDATE/SELECT script menu options for various object types to create script templates.

  • Pre-encrypt passwords before sending them down the wire, or displaying them in SQL statements.

  • Add an internal XML reporting API, HTML XSL stylesheet with XSLT processing capabilities and selection of schema/object/data reports.

  • Allow pasting of entire rows in the View Data tool.

  • Allow the user to choose whether or not to restore the environment when reconnecting to a particular server.

  • Detect and warn the user of concurrent edits of functions, views and job steps.

  • Add brace highlighting to the SQL Text Box control.

  • Add a word wrap option to the query tool editor.

  • Add options to show line ends and whitespaces in the query tool.

  • Highlight the error word in the query tool if a syntax error is reported by the database.

  • Display, and allow null values to be set in boolean columns in the Edit Grid.

  • Retain values in the edit grid following a failed insert or update.

  • Display non-default op classes in index definitions.

  • Add a pgAgent option to log to a file on *nix.

  • Add a new Find & Replace dialogue to the query tool, implementing all the normal Find & Replace options as well as a powerful regular expression search mode.

  • Add 'scratch pads' to the Edit Grid and Query Tool windows to use when copying and pasting data back and forth.

  • Make elements of the main windows dockable for maximum configurability.

  • Add -qc switch to open query tool and autoconnect using a connection string.

  • Add support for building Mac Universal Binaries.

  • Use SQL standard type names where appropriate. Show them as 'aliases' in the browser.

  • Hide binary data (bytea) in the edit grid.

As well as many other tweaks, improvements and bug fixes, details of which may be found in the changelog.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who gave their time to help with the development, testing, translation and packaging of this release.

Dave Page

pgAdmin Development Team

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