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Sequoia 3.0 Beta released

Posted on 2006-11-07

Grenoble, France – November 7, 2006 – – Continuent, Inc., the leading provider of commercial open source middleware solutions for database high availability, today announced availability of Continuent™ Sequoia 3.0 Beta release.

Continuent Sequoia is part of a suite of Continuent.org open source projects that deliver high availability for virtually any database environment.

This newest version of Continuent's Sequoia project, Continuent Sequoia 3.0, includes the more complete implementation of semantic information that supports not only stored procedures, but also views, triggers, and custom semantic for specific requests.

The default group communication in Sequoia 3.0 is now Appia since it proved to offer better performance and stability than JGroups, which is still available as a second choice.

Macro handling has changed to be now fully customizable for any database specific macros. New user-based access control per virtual database provides fine grain ACL at the cluster level. New versions of the manuals are also available including a new 'concept' guide.

"Continuent Sequoia 3.0 is a milestone release “ said Emmanuel Cecchet, Continuent open source lead. "This release directly benefits from all the experiences gained in major customer pilot projects and deployment bringing Sequoia to the highest level of reliability."

"The upcoming Continuent uni/cluster 2007 will be based on Sequoia 3.0. " said Pascal Bresson, Continuent Director of Engineering and Product Management. "Continuent uni/cluster solution offers out of the box optimized solutions for MySQL and PostgreSQL database users. These

commercial open source solutions, Continuent uni/cluster for MySQL and Continuent uni/cluster for PostgreSQL, provides an easy to install and manage high availability and scalability solutions for MySQL and PostgreSQL respectively. These high availability clustering solutions including echanced cluster management tools, database specific backup tools and full extended SQL dialect support for MySQL and PostgreSQL. Continuent uni/cluster also has an optimized proprietary group communication protocol providing better reliability and higher performance."

About Continuent.org

For more information on Continuent's involvement in the open source community and opens source projects, visit http://www.continuent.org.

About Continuent, Inc

Continuent provides database high availability software that ensures

business continuity for the enterprise. Continuent's solutions deliver

the highest levels of availability and scalability for business-critical

data to eliminate costly downtime, manage high growth and guarantee

customers' peace of mind. Continuent's industry breakthrough software

works with all major databases, including MySQL®, PostgreSQL, Sybase®,

Microsoft® SQL Server, Oracle® and IBM® DB2®, to support today's

heterogeneous database environments. The company offers both an

enterprise-grade database high availability solution as well as core

open source software for developers. Continuent is headquartered in San

José, CA, with research labs in France and Finland. For more

information, please visit www.continuent.com.

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