PG Lightning Admin 2 Year Anniversary Sale

Posted on 2006-10-15

PGLA's two year Anniversary is coming up next month, and to celebrate

We are having a huge blowout sale. The sale price is $9.99(yes that's ten bucks and even less expensive if you purchase with Euros!!!) and is good until December 1st 2006. As a added bonus any one who purchases PGLA for $9.99 will also get a copy of our MySQL product which is based from PGLA, so it has the same look and feel.

To take advantage of this great deal please see:

To find out more about PGLA (which is built with Delphi 2006) see:

And it does run on Linux via the latest version of WINE.

(please see

Also there would not be any objections if someone posted this on or :-)

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