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pgDesigner.0.0.37 - Datamodel designer for PostgreSQL

Posted on 2006-10-04

Currently it is still in state of development, but it can be used calmly like base for the construction of database.


NEW: Added the management of the display (or view). With display (or view) the possibility agrees to create of the sights of the project, every containing a group of objects; for group the same logic agrees with of elements making part of one. As an example: it is possible to define a display that it contains the sun tables of codifies, or with of all the procedures. The display it will show in the graphical area the single objects that make part of the group; an appropriate window allows to insert or to remove elements from the group, without to influence in the physical construction of the plan. The management previews a display of default, called "Main View", that it will contain all in any case the elements of the project, prescinding from several the groupings. The relations will come only visualized if in the display active the relative tables are present. An object created to the inside of a display various from the "Main View" will come however created in the display main, same thing if it comes cancelled an object from the project, this will come eliminated in all the display on which it was present. A display it can be created, be modified or cancelled, without to influence on the project. Every display it comes identified from a name and it can contain one highly summarized description. The management window is accessible from the menu main; the selection and the visualization of a display can be carried out from menu the Project or combobox present under the directory the object of project, visualized in the area to right of the window of the program.

NEW: In menu the Modification they have been added two voices: "Copy on display" that it allows to copy the object selected on an other display, and "Eliminates from display" in order eliminating an object from the display active. This last voice is qualified single on the display various from that main one, on which it is not obviously possible to carry out this type of operations.

NEW: To the exit of the application, if they turn out to be present new projects or modified not still it saves, it comes introduced a warning window with which it is possible to decide if to proceed to their rescue or to cancel all the modifications. In the case confirmations the rescue, the closing will proceed introducing messages of every confirmation for single plan not still saved.

NEW: Resolved the problem of the loading of the files of project in format xml. The modifications completely have changed the structure of the files of project in format xml, for which the created projects the previous versions could not be retrieve to you; for being able to convert the previous projects it is necessary to succeed to load them with the previous version with pgDesigner and saving them in format ini. To notice that the time of loading of the rows in format xml turns out to be slower regarding the type rows ini.

NEW: Adding evidentiation of the commandos sql in the extraction window.

NEW: In the window of visualization of the commandos sql it has been added a menu, with which it is possible to print or to save on files the visualized text.

NDA: Program compiled with version 1.9.43 of Gambas.

For the execution of the program it is necessary to install gambas2 package. Can download gambas from the official site http://gambas.sourceforge.net.

The documentation is available here: http://pgdesigner.sourceforge.net

Last version of pgDesigner is available here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/pgdesigner.

For the customers of Italian language the forum is also available on http://www.ldrweb.net.

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