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Seeking integration testers for AnyWebDB

Posted on 2006-09-20

AnyWebDB aims to provide companies with a cheap and effective means of deploying web based applications with PostgreSQL back-ends quickly and easily.

AnyWebDB applications support most common web-browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Mozilla and Konqueror. Depending on the application complexity it can even be used with text-based browsers or internet-enabled phones/PDAs.

With multiple applications already deployed as part of the development phase, AnyWebDB is now seeking integration testers prior to final release. While AnyWebDB will be a licensed product, integration testers will receive a one-host license as part of the testing phase which can continue to be used after the testing is complete.

Integration testing will commence by the end of October.

For more details on AnyWebDB, or to register your interest in becoming an integration tester, please visit AnyWebDB.com.

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