17th September 2020: PostgreSQL 13 RC 1 Released!

MicroOLAP Database Designer for PostgreSQL ver.1.1.2 has been released

Posted on 2006-09-11

What's new:

[+] MATCH type for references added

[+] Support of PostgreSQL 8.1.4 SQL grammar in internal Executor and Validator

[+] Added "Show Trigger" into display preferences

[+] RULES added to the Object TreeView

[+] Populating tablespace list in Create DB wizard added

[-] "Datamodel file corrupted after rules added to table (RUlES instead of

RULES)" bug fixed

[-] Function reverse for 7.3 servers bug: "unrecognized configuration

parameter "max_function_args" fixed. Only 7.4 and higher servers are


[-] "ON COMMIT action for temporary tables not saved" bug fixed

Product page:


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