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Openbravo r2.11 for PostgreSQL is now available!

Posted on 2006-08-23

Openbravo r2.11 for PostgreSQL is now available. Openbravo is a professional web-based open source enterprise management system (more commonly known as ERP) - created for SMEs in just about any sector. With Openbravo, companies can effectively manage procurement, warehouses, projects, manufacturing, sales and financials. Openbravo also includes basic CRM and Business Intelligence and readily supports multi-currency, multi-company and multi-accounting schemes.

Following requests from the community for Openbravo to function with an open source relational database, the Openbravo development team has worked to add this capability. With the newly added capability, customers looking for an ERP with a complete open source stack will be able to find it with Openbravo. At LinuxWorld San Francisco, we had the pleasure of meeting some members of the PostgreSQL team who were happy to hear of the availability of Openbravo for PostgreSQL.

"I'm very excited to see open source software making strong inroads into the vertical application space with projects like Openbravo," said Josh Berkus, a member of the PostgreSQL Core Team. "It's especially good that the Openbravo team have chosen to support PostgreSQL in recognition of the scalability and security our DBMS offers Openbravo users. Open source software is popular and successful in the cost-conscious manufacturing sector, and I believe that applications like Openbravo have a great future."

Early feedback from the Openbravo community has also been very positive. Many people considering an ERP are are relieved when they learn that with Openbravo, they can use a fully open source solution. To find out why Openbravo is one of the top projects on SourceForge, please visit www.openbravo.com

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