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Rascal and PostgreSQL - Much more than Software

Posted on 2006-08-14

The Rascal product offers a unique combination of a highly efficient model driven architecture based on amoungst others the Rascal Business Engine, Open Client Interfaces and an Open Source Object Repository.

The Open Source Object Repository contain a multitude of powerful business objects allowing customers and their consultants to adapt and create powerful ERP Business Solutions.

Typical applications include the following

o Manufacturing and Production


o Distribution

o Service

o Accounting

Industries currently using Rascal include the following

o Vehicle Manufacturing, Maintenance and Distribution.

o Clothing Manufacturing and Distribution.

o Pretoleum Service Industry.

o Packaging - Plastics, Paper and Glass.

o Aircraft Maintenance and Distribution.

o General Industrial Manufacturing, Maintenance and Distribution.

Peformance Benchmarks show that a typical material requirements planning (MRP) run for a custom vehicle manufacturing concern has improved from around 23 hours to less than 1 hour resulting in a significant productivity increase.

For further information see http://rascal.co.za/Newsletter-2006-01.pdf

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