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pgDesigner.0.0.33 - Datamodel designer for PostgreSQL

Posted on 2006-06-10


NEW: In menu the Project it has been added an

ulterior one submenu with which it is

possible to condition the visualization of

the lines of the relations between tables.

Hour it is possible to define if to show the

connections in direct way or with segment

line, this last one is the condition of

default. (modernization proposed from the

friend Jose Francisco Reinoza from the


NEW: Added a control on the relation between two

fields not compatible; the control does not

block the selection but it introduces a

message of warning.

NEW: Added a control on the maximum dimension of

the name of the objects, defined based on the

PostgreSQL version set up in the project. The

containing objects of project names that

exceed this dimension will not come load, for

which it will be necessary to proceed

directly to the modification of the names on

the file with whichever editor. The names in

the windows of editing will come

automatically limit you to this dimension.

NEW: In the structure of the tables it has been

added the PrimaryKey property that it

contains tightens it of the name of the

primary key of the table. The value is not

obligatory, and comes set up automatically

from the program, to the name of the table

continuation from the suffix "_pk". In the

window of edit of the table, if a primary key

exists and the name is empty, it will come

set up to the value of default, and

introduced a warning message; otherwise if it

does not come selected some key, the property

comes cancelled. The same logic comes applied

during the loading of created objects of

project with previous versions. Is be

modified also the function of

reverse-engineering, so as to to read from

database also the name of the primary key. To

notice that, in any case, the dimension of

the name will come cut to the maximum

dimension admitted from driver of PostgreSQL.

(the modernization proposed from the friend

Jose Francisco Reinoza).

UPD: Modernized the supported list of the datatype

from PostgreSQL, in which they have been

added some lacking datatypes. The list of the

datatype is hour conditioned from the version

of selected PostgreSQL, for which some new

types they could be does not visualize to you

with previous versions. In projects created

with previous versions, some datatype could

not be more consistent to the list, and

assume various value; in this case it is

necessary to modify the version of the driver

in the window of the project parameters, or

to select datatype various for every single

object. This modernization is still in phase

of study, and the list could endure

variations in the next releases of


UPD: Improved logic of design of the graphical


UPD: Restructured the menu main. The voices of

menu relative to the visualization of the

details of the objects, the fields key and

the names of the relations, have been moved

in menu Show and total yields to the

application, that is more not tied to the

project; the formulations memorized in the

objects of project created with the previous

versions hour do not come taken more in

consideration and do not condition more

visualization of the objects. Also the window

of the project parameters does not introduce

more these formulations.

UPD: The windows of the parameters of project and

statistics have been modified; in particular,

the window of statistics, filler two lists,

in alphabetical order, of the present objects

in the project, and the fields contained in

the tables. It lists are in single reading

and to the single statistical ends and of


UPD: The menu popup it has been implemented and

dawned with the carried out variations to the

menu main.

UPD: Many of the logical ones and the objects of

the program have been optimized.

UPD: The font of the window of visualization of

extraction sql/html it has been modified and

set up in Courier; this in order to allow one

better reading of the text and to better show

the spaces of the text lines. Moreover hour

is managed the spaces of the text of the

content of the procedures.

UPD: For the objects text, it has been added the

possibility to write the text on more lines,

and than to define of the positioning.

UPD: In the project objects it has been added the

property "Driver" that contains the

PostgreSQL version. For default, in the

creation of a new project, the set up version

is the 8.0; this can be modified through the

window of Setup of the project. In the

projects created with previous versions, the

version will come set up to that one of

default in phase of loading. To notice that

the insertion of the control of dimension of

the names of the objects could not allow the

variation of the version with release of

PostgreSQL previous, for which it will be

necessary to proceed directly before to the

manual modification of the names on the

objects, before carrying out the change of


BUG: The formulation of the returns to head in the

property comment of some objects has been


BUG: The strings relative to the property of the

objects of database hour they come cleaned up

of eventual blank spaces to the beginning and

to the end of it tightens (trimming).

NDA: Program compiled with version 1.9.31 of


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