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New DBManager Professional 3.3.0

Posted on 2006-04-25

DBTools Software is pleased to announce the availability of the new DBManager Professional Enterprise Edition, version 3.3.0. This is not only a bug fix but a complete set of new features and lots of improvements. See the list of new features and fixes:

-User Interface Updated

-Implemented ODBC RecordSet Memory Allocation for ODBC, SQlite, SQlite3 (It consumes less memory)

-New Procedure Builder with more features and resources for developing Stored Procedures. This is the base for all Builders in DBManager: Views, Functions and Triggers.

-Implemented Function Builder (Like Procedure Builder)

-Table Designer Redesigned. Now you can see the commands that will be executed to update tables

-Implemented Table Trigger Builder (Like Procedure Builder)

-Implemented Better Database Dump. Now it is possible to change version compatibility and add all or selected database objects

-Implemented Objects View Customizations

Implemented Drag&Drop For Extend Objects (SP's, UDF's, Views)

-New Form Designer, which adds supports for subforms, menus and tab forms and simple reports. It also display images in blob fields inside the form.

-Added Workspace, Procedure Builder and Table Designer Layout Management

-Implemented DataMigration Wizard Definition. You can save the definition for future use

-Implemented Datasheet Refresh Query ( and Ask for Parameters again)

-Diagram Designer Redesigned

-Details and Objects Views can be refreshed by pressing F5

-Added MessageBox (Abort, Accept, AcceptAll) when Loading Backup Fails

-Query Builder now works with external queries

All the Wizards for Importing and Exporting Structure and Data were Improved. Now they are faster

-New Parameter and Statement Parser For Queries in Query Builder

-Lots of Bugs Fixed

For a complete list of changes see http://www.dbtools.com.br/EN/article.php?id=00062

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