pgDesigner - Datamodel designer for PostgreSQL

Posted on 2006-02-05

Currently it is still in state of development, but it can be used calmly like base for the construction of database.

Currently is implemented the following functionalities:

* Creation and rescue into a file of the project (file extensions are ini and xml)

* Import the structure of database directly from a server PostgreSQL version (7,0 and successive)

* Creation and rescue into an SQL file of SQL controls for the database creation

* Insertion, modification and cancellation of the objects of the database

* Manual positioning of the objects and automatic update of the relations

* Every object is identify by an appropriate symbol

* Preview and prints of the diagram of the project

* List objects present in the project are always visible

* Toolbar objects

* Automatic elimination of the relations when table is cancelled

* Wizard for the construction of the views

* Plan and environment are personalized

* Project's report in text and HTML formats

For the execution of the program it is necessary to install gambas2 package. Can download gambas from the official site

Last version of pgDesigner is available here:

Last version is 0.0.24

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