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PG Lightning Admin Version Released

Posted on 2006-01-01

This release adds serveral asked for features and fixes a few bugs found since the last release.

New Features:

  1. Editors(sql,function,view) are now UNICODE enabled thanks to the Unisynedit Delphi component.


  1. http version check added to help menu.

  2. Compiled with Delphi 2006, this may not sound like a feature, but Delphi 2006 includes,by default, a new high performance memory manager (FastMM) which can improve native code performance by as much as 15%.

  3. New Import and Export Wizards for the data grids. This is very cool and allows you to import/Export from a multitude of sources including text, MS Access, MS Excell, PDF(export) plus many more.

One of our goals for 2006 is to UNICODE enable as much of the program as possible using the Delphi TNT Unicode VCL controls. (ttp://www.tntware.com/delphicontrols/unicode/)

We have also added some Flash Screen Cam demos that are available on our website.

For complete change history see:


For more information on PG Lightning Admin and the screen cam demos please see: http://www.amsoftwaredesign.com/lightning_admin.php

The price will remain at 29.99. We intend to provide the best bang for your money. Similar programs offered by other companies are selling for well over 100 US dollars... Compare and Save!

Hope everyone had a good New Years.

AM Software Design


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