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AM Lightning Messenger ported from Firebird to Postgresql

Posted on 2005-12-09

The port to Postgresql 8.1 took about 2 days with testing and the server runs on win32 or Linux.

The new IN/OUT params in 8.1 made the conversion fairly easy.

The client is currently win32 only, but we will be creating a cross platform version with Lazarus in the future.

AM Lightning Messenger is a secure (SSL) hybrid system that uses a directory server and peer to peer message sending when firewalls are not a issue.

Some of the many Features include:

Instant popup messages


System information

File Transfer

Remote Control via VNC

Presence (away from desk,do not disturb, etc)

Complete logging and reporting.

For more information please see:


AM Lightning Messenger is proudly coded with Delphi 2005 and Synapse as the TCP/IP library



AM Software Design


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