17th September 2020: PostgreSQL 13 RC 1 Released!

PG Lightning Admin Version Released.

Posted on 2005-11-01

AM Software Design is proud to release version For more information or to download a fully functional demo version see:


November is also PGLA's 1st birthday, development was started 1 year ago using Delphi 7 and Zeos, today we use Delphi 2005 and PostgresDAC from MicroOlap http://www.microolap.com.

***** Version November 1st 2005 ******

* Added a return bottom option to the quick data viewer

* Added a comment tab to the database object properties tab

* Fixed a bug in the query builder with object name qouting.

***** Version October 24th 2005 ******

* Fixed a access violation when switching to the form view in the query editor

when no data was available

* Fixed a issue with renaming when the object name was a Postgresql

reserved word such as user (this mainly seemed to affect 7.4.x databases).

* Added support for 7.4.x databases, PGLA is now quite usable with 7.4.x

* Fixed a issue with the code completion where the word TRIGGER FUNCTION would

over write the second column.

* Fixed a issue where viewing data against tables named with reserved words


* Fixed a issue where the sequence editor would not display/save a comment.

* Fixed a issue in the constraint grid where focus was always being set

to the first row.

* Added a cancel option to the save on close dialogs

* Updated the embedded pg_restore and pg_dump to version 8.1.

* Updated libpq.dll to version 8.1.

* updated openssl dlls to version

* Added shared file flag to system dlls in installer.

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