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New PostgreSQL compatible web DMS/CMS

Posted on 2005-10-22

Web Wrench (located at http://forge.novell.com/modules/xfmod/project/?webwrench) is a content manager/document manager designed with small to large businesses in mind. When I first started writing the software I kept in mind the need for more industrial strength SQL servers. Well after 2 years I've finally added PostgreSQL to the mix with a wrapper type system. The exciting news about this is as long as a module/add-in developer utilizes the wrapper their software will work as exactly as intended on PostgreSQL even if they wrote their software using MySQL. The wrapper is not pathetically light weight, as it supports a large variety of field types including blob's. And i'm optimizing as I familarize myself more with PostgreSQL and how to tweak power out of it.

I'm currently testing with Apache 2, PHP 4 & 5, and PostgreSQL 8.0.

I'm very happy with the results of PostgreSQL as a database server for Wrench (wish my web host had a PostgreSQL server.)

I'm also going to remain committed to keeping Web Wrench PostgreSQL compatiable as its now my favored server to develope with.

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