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3rd Beta of Slony Master -> Multi-slave replication system

Posted on 2004-06-17

Slony-I, the successor to the eRServer Replication project used for hosting the .org and .info domain name registries, has entered it's third beta testing phase.


Slony-I is designed for high volume sites and has been masterminded by Jan Wieck, a member of the PostgreSQL Core Team.

It is a working, advanced Master to Multi-Slave replication system written in C, works with PostgreSQL 7.3 and 7.4, and is BSD licenced.

Due for production release on 1st July 2004, Slony-I has just entered it's third beta phase and is very well worth checking out by those with an interest in PostgreSQL replication.

More testers and contributors are welcome of course!

Changes from beta 2 are:

  • Fixed broken "make distclean" target (bug 825).
  • Added several HOWTO documents.
  • Added a polling interval to the remote listener code so that reset connections get detected and the slave reconnects after network outages.
  • Performance enhancements by replacing the possibly huge IN transactionId query parts with custom C functions.
  • Performance enhancement through grouping of multiple replication queries into one PQexec() call.
  • Fixed a flex scanner problem causing slonik coredumps on larger input files.

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