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Proboscis [Python] 0.1 Released

Posted on 2005-09-26

This is the first release announcement for Proboscis[1], the PQueue based Green

Trunk implementation. It is a PostgreSQL driver/interface for Python. Another

one? Well, yes and no. Proboscis is not libpq based, nor does it primarily

produce a DB-API 2.0 interface(0.2 may include a layer for DB-API 2.0 users).

The release news item can be found here[2].

This frontend features, in no particular order, the following:

* Pure Python

* Green Trunk interface

* Thread safety

* Windows support

* Basic SSL support

* COPY TO/FROM support

* Protocol level prepared statements and cursors(Portals)

* Demand based cursor activity

* query and procedure methods (see Green Trunk documentation)

* bytea transparency (hint: no need to escape when using parameters)

* Wire Tap (asynchronous notifications)

* Automatic client encoding/decoding

Download it here[3].

Pure Python? It must be slow, no? Well, first, there is an optional C

extension module to provide an optimization in one sensitive area, so it's

not necessarily pure Python. As 1.0 approaches, other sensitive areas may be

optimized as well.

So how slow or fast is it? The following are some simple trials:

(The server and the client are on the same machine)


COPY FROM Summary,

copied tuples: 50000

copied bytes: 2882981

duration: 2.186987

average tuple size(bytes): 57.000000

average KB per second: 1287.159045

average tuples per second: 22862.505244

COPY TO Summary,

copied tuples: 50000

duration: 2.299819

average KB per second: 1224.009372

average tuples per second: 21740.841414

(Warning: Without the C extension module, COPY TO's TPS will be cut in half)


INSERT Summary,

inserted tuples: 1000

total time: 1.903957

average tuples per second: 525.221976

(Note: Mass INSERT will likely be ~2-3x faster in version 0.2)

SELECT Summary,

looped: 51

read tuples: 1000

looptime: 0.323199

time reading tuples: 0.322262

loop overhead: 0.000937

average tuples per second: 3103.064739

(Warning: Without the C extension module, SELECT will lose 1000TPS)

While it is unlikely that these speeds will be seen in practice, it does give

one an idea as to what this interface can do with simple data.

For the quickest way to get started, see the Frontend sections of the Quick

Start page[4]. For further help, sign-up and post questions to the mailing


[1] http://python.projects.postgresql.org/project/fe.html

[2] http://pgfoundry.org/forum/forum.php?forum_id=522

[3] http://pgfoundry.org/frs/?group_id=1000094&release_id=315

[4] http://python.projects.postgresql.org/quick.html

[5] http://lists.pgfoundry.org/mailman/listinfo/python-general

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