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SRA America allies with Afilias to develop SLONY Support

Posted on 2005-09-14

It's been a little over three years since Jan Wieck, CORE member of the PostgreSQL Global Development Group, began work on SLONY, a new form of replication for PostgreSQL. Afilias depends on PostgreSQL in its mission critical environment and recognized immediately the intrinsic value in Jan's work. They have supported his development from the beginning.

By open sourcing Jan's work, Afilias has encouraged and nutured this past year a fledgling community of PostgreSQL DBAs using SLONY. Success however, brings its own nest of problems; it is a constant refrain from the SLONY mail list that people are continously asking for advice and support that the Afilias team is incapable of satisfying. Afilias is in the Domain Naming Service. This is where SRA America comes in; the SRA America team has chosen to use SLONY as the replication solution for their clients and, with this in mind, SRA and Afilias have undertaken to work together to create a comprehensive service and support infra-structure for SLONY. SRA America will develop and manage a SLONY support system by email, and 24 hr telephone support. SRA is also developing a SLONY training curriculum geared for both those new and experienced with PostgreSQL.

Stay tuned for more announcements on SLONY. We you encourage you to contact us for more information about SLONY support and training.

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